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Where in Utrecht could one attend private screenings of the Netherlands Film League (Filmliga)?

The Netherlands Film League or Filmliga (1927-1933) was a society that organised screenings of artistic films all over the country, which were accessible to members only. There was usually only a single screening per month. You can find the answer to the question in one single step.


  • Open Cinema Context in a new window
  • Click on Programmes at the top of the page
  • Enter ‘Filmliga’ in the first search field and leave All fields selected in the pull-down menu on the right
  • Enter 'Utrecht' in the second search field and select City from the pull-down menu
  • Click on
  • Cinema Context will find 48 programmes that match your search query. If you now browse through the list of results, you will see that the Vreeburg Bioscoop is nearly always listed as a location. The Rembrandt Theater is listed as a host for the Film League on a few occasions.


  • Cinema Context has marked the Dutch Film League’s film programmes with the keyword ‘Filmliga’, so you can use it as part of a search query. In the same way, you can also find screenings organised by the ‘Cinematographische Volksuniversiteit’. And the keyword ‘jeugdbioscoop’ (children’s cinema) makes it possible to find special children’s programmes, which were often screened in afternoons only.
  • Nearly all listed screenings were only programmed for a single day. This date is usually specified in Cinema Context. Not all special screenings are listed in Cinema Context.
  • A follow-up question would be: Which films were screened by the Netherlands Film League in Utrecht between 1927 and 1933?

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