Cinema in Context

How To Do

A short introduction to methods and tools

Cinema Context is more than an encyclopedia. It also allows you to analyse the wealth of details on the website. You will want to establish connections, seek out patterns, rank data, and create tables. This tutorial will help you learn how to perform such an analysis yourself. You will get instructions how to count, sort and compare the results of your initial search. In some cases you may be able to do that with a few clicks, in others more steps will be required to obtain sound answers. And sometimes digital tools will be necessary to reach the answer you seek.

This tutorial will teach you how to answer a research question by using Cinema Context. You will learn to operate the website as a research instrument. Some questions cannot be solved without the help of a database or a pivot table. The use of these digital tools will create new possibilities for your research and analysis. It will extend the scope of your investigation by allowing you to pose new questions. Cinema Context can be used in combination with other digital instruments.

You will learn how to use these tools and methods in your own research. The tutorial will deal with them on the basis of sample questions. You can then create your own variations on them. You will discover how to download and analyse data from the website. You will get detailed instructions about each step in your analysis. And you will finally reflect critically upon the results of your search.

In this tutorial, we’ll make use of the internet and sometimes also of database software. This requires that the database program Access as part of Microsoft Office 2003 (or later) is installed on your computer.