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In which cities did the Salvation Army organise film presentations shows in a travelling cinema?

The Salvation Army had its own Bioscopen Brigade (‘Cinema Brigade’) at an early date in order to support advance its evangelical work in cities and in the countryside. The answer to this question can be found with a single search query in Cinema Context.


  • Open Cinema Context in a new window.
  • Click on Programmes at the top of the page
  • Enter ‘Salvation Army’ in the first search field and select Company name from the pull-down menu behind it
  • Enter ’01-01-1905’ and ’31-12-1905’ in the fields marked Shown between
  • Click on


  • The Salvation Army visited a large number of cities and smaller towns in a few months. This appears to have been a well-prepared campaign. There may be more information available about these screenings in the archives of cities that were visited, especially in the local newspapers of that week.
  • Reconstruct and analyse the route taken on this journey. Where did it begin, and where did the last screening take place? If you were to mark all those cities on a map, would you see a pattern in their geographic dispersal? And what could you deduce from that pattern?

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