Cinema in Context

How To Do – Downloads

- Transformation file HowToDoInAccess2.xsl
If you want to import the downloaded dataset of My Data in your MS Access database, you will need this file to transform your data. For further information please read the FAQ

Right click on HowToDoInAccess2.xsl and select Save Target As

- IMDB macro
Download this Word document to extract the IDs (identifiers) from a copied list of IMDb links. For instructions on how to use the file and its macro, please read the FAQ.

Right click on ImdbIDs.doc and select Save Target As

- Database CinemaContextCollection.accdb
This is a test database with a complicated query that will answer every question of the type: how many movies made in country A have been screened in city B in every year between xxxx (year) and xxxx (year)?

Right click on CinemaContextCollection.accdb and select Save Target As